Wordpress Migration

WordPress Migration – the easy way.

Today we are going to migrate a wordpress website from one server host to another running cpanel.

In this instance we are not changing the domain name, we are simply moving to another host.

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Step 1: Backup all the data!

The first thing we need to do is sign into cpanel on the existing host and download a backup of both the Home directory and the SQL database using the backup wizard.

We could also grab emails but it’s a better idea to use Outlook to export the PST files, in this instance there are no emails to back up.

The cPanel Backup Wizard

Step 2: Create a new SQL database on the new host

Log in to the cpanel on your new host, go to ‘MySQL Databases’

Under “Create New Database’ type a name, for this demonstration we just used ‘wordpress’

Remember the username including the prefix as we will need this later.

Create a new database

Step 3: Create the database user and update permissions

Scroll down to ‘Add New User’

Give the user a name, and set a password, you can use the generator to create a complex password, just be sure to copy it somewhere as we will need it later.

Click ‘Create User’

Next we scroll down to ‘Add User to database’ give the user a name and ensure you are adding itto the database we just created

Click ‘Add’

On the ‘Manage User Privileges’ page tick the ‘ALL PRIVILEGES’ box

Click ‘Make Changes’

Again, remember the username and password you have set!

User Privileges

Step 4: Restore the SQL database

Go back to the cpanel menu and open ‘phpmyadmin’

Select the database we just created and select the ‘import’ tab

Choose the database file we backed up earlier (you may have to unzip this file)

Untick the box under ‘Partial Import’

Click ‘Go’, this will take some time depending on the size of your database.

Import function in phpMyAdmin

Step 5: Import Home directory

On the cpanel menu select ‘File Browser’

Navigate to the ‘public_html’ directory, this is where we will upload the files

Click ‘upload’ and choose the home directory backup file we made earlier

Once it has finished uploading go back to the file explorer page

Right-click on the zip archive and select ‘Extract’

We have now restored the site files

Extracting the home directory files on the new server

Step 6: Update the wp-config.php file

While in the file explorer, find the ‘wp-config.php’ file and right click on it, select ‘edit’

Find and update the following lines with the database name, username and password we created earlier:

Database Name


Database User


User Password


Once you have made the edits, click ‘save’

wp-config.php edit

Step 7: Update the name servers on the domain name

Be sure to update the nameservers on your domain name to point to the new host, if you’re keeping the same domain name simply wait 24 hours and your site is ready to go! If you’re changing your domain name you will have to perform a search and replace on all the site links to reflect this change. A good plugin for this is the search and replace plugin at https://wordpress.org/plugins/search-and-replace/

Updating name servers

That’s it! As always let us know if this guide helped you. If there is something you would like us to cover, please leave a comment.

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