Are you protected against loss of data?

I can’t tell you how many businesses I have entered over the years that don’t have any form of data redundancy.

No Cloud Backup, no Network Attached Storage, not even a USB thumb drive which is the go to data backup method for most. So what happens to all of your business critical data in the event a hard drive fails? Did you know all it can take is one power surge, or even just bumping your PC hard enough to lose everything?

One of the worst cases I have seen was a business losing a whole year of MYOB data. The data existed only on one SSD, on the C: partition of the PC. There was no NAS, no cloud storage, and no USB backups. And because it was a failed SSD and not a HDD it wasn’t possible to recover the data. Needless to say, reentering 1 year of accounting information is crippling for any business, and there isn’t anything a technician can really do to assist.

So whats the best way to safeguard against this? Most IT companies will suggest on and offsite backup. So a local NAS will take snapshots of your data every hour and then push that data to an offsite NAS every evening. Usually this offsite NAS resides at the location of the IT company.

My general suggestion is something most people already have and don’t utilize, Onedrive.

Onedrive now comes with every Office365 subscription, you probably already have it and never use it.

Using a Microsoft account and Office365 subscription your PC can backup all data, even stuff on your desktop, on the fly without you needing to think about it.

You can also delegate access to your staff and set up different folders for different departments just like you would on a NAS. And if you use more than one device, having your work for the day automatically sync with every device you use is probably the most under utilized and best feature of Onedrive. Picture working on a document at the office, saving it to your desktop, then taking your laptop to a meeting and the document you just completed is waiting on the desktop for you, no extra work or remote desktop to cloud servers required.

If you are not sure if you have adequate data redundancy, or would like more information, book in a free consultation with Ochre IT at bit.ly/ochrebook

And please, on behalf of technicians everywhere, backup your data. Even if you’re not interested in cloud solutions or offsite backup with your IT company, at least have a copy offsite somewhere.

Don’t wait for an emergency to happen, take a copy home today.

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